EP 2015

by Kept Out

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First EP.


released June 15, 2015

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Hamish Dobbie at Zeal



all rights reserved


Kept Out Wellington, New Zealand

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Track Name: Punic
Your thoughts are a wasteland, breeding ground for disease
Discarded and empty, spreads like an oil spill
Like swarms of locust descending to blacken the sky
Consume the earth until only vultures remain

[Leeching off the good
Parasitic mindset
Termites in the wood
gnaw at our foundation] x 2

Salt the earth, salt the earth, Until nothing remains
Salt the earth, salt the earth, salt the earth, broken ground and barren minds
Track Name: Vacant
I lie in my bed
Awake and vacant
Barely moving at all
Stare at empty frames
On familiar walls
Feel nothing no more
[Nothing for you]
Nothing for myself
[Nothing for anybody else]
Nothing at all
[So instead I'll find a remedy
In between my own bones
I'll pick them apart until the truth escapes the marrow]
I’ve had my eyes shut
Now they won’t close
Alone at the precipice
I just want to sleep
thought I didn’t care
I can’t take any more
One last look at the sky
Before my head hits the floor
Before my head hits the floor
Track Name: Drudge
Blue collar slavery, we call modernity
The cry of the weak, “but we all have to eat”
Like parting a boiling sea just to find sanctuary
Iron shackles of conformity cast at my feet
Unwillingly willing to bend and to break,
modern life is getting harder to stomach and take
Mindless drones serving faceless queens
They chomp at the bit until it bleeds
The drudges and drones that call this world home,
Nnothing but cattle to feed the rich on their thrones
I won’t be a part, another wraith in the crowd
cast aside, kept the fuck out